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Well known and respected by the Atlanta Korean community, Jang Su Jang (“The Meeting Place”) has been serving the greater Atlanta area for over a decade. We are the restaurant where Koreans go when they want authentic Korean food. From the popular tofu soups and Korean BBQ to Bossam and amazing variety in between, the food crafted by the chefs in Jang Su Jang can satisfy everyone from the Korean food novice to the Korean Grandma.

Our experienced chefs create the boldest flavors by using only the highest quality seasonal fresh ingredients. Giving you the most authentic Korean food that will engage all your senses. This is the unadulterated Korean dining experience. The food is never watered down and never compromised.

Browse our menu, with descriptions in English, or ask any of our friendly well versed staff for guidance. They will be more than happy to start you into the delicious world of Korean food. We promise to make your every visit an experience to savor.